Sunday, December 25, 2005


Must be accompanied with the original Sales Receipt and be in the original packaging.
- Within 10 days of purchase a refund or credit will be issued.
- After 10 days of purchase a store credit will be issued.

We make every attempt to carry only quality merchandise from responsible and proven vendors. However, we do not manufacture any of the merchandise sold and are not responsible for any defects or workmanship.
We will work with the customer and the vendor in order to resolve any problems.

BROKEN DECKS --No, we will not and cannot replace them. All decks we carry have a manufacturers warranty which is handled by them, not us. Most deck warranties cover delaminating, warping, and production defects, breaking the deck voids the warranty.

The reason warranties do not cover the breakage is because the manufacturers are not stupid, nor were they born yesterday, they are skaters that know if you broke your board skating you landed without placing your feet over the mounting holes.
If you believe your deck should be replaced, send it back to the manufacturers with the receipt within 30 days of the purchase.
And for future reference land correctly and you wont break your board (both feet over the truck bolts, absorb shock by bending your knees)..

All repairs or parts replacement done by shop employees will gladly be done at the customers request. By making the request the customer releases the shop and the employee from any liability for damage that occurs during the repair or replacement. If you do not agree to this - do it yourself.

All lay-aways must have a minimum of 25% initial payment and be picked up, or renewed with an additional payment, within 30 days, unless other specific arrangements have been made. Any lay-away item inactive over 30 days will be returned to the sales area; if sold money will be refunded.

All special orders must have a minimum of 25% initial payment and are subject to vendor availability. Some special orders may be subject to a shipping/handling charge if vendor charges are excessive; any extra charges will be explained prior to initiating the special order.